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At Eventi & Sapori, we use only the highest quality products, working with the highest standards, to create events
Custom sewn unique and unforgettable.
We offer a wide selection of culinary creations that enhance the authentic flavors of local cuisine, and beyond, with a twist of
refined and great attention to the freshness of ingredients.
Finally, the selection of fine wines contributes to create an event with unforgettable and sought-after flavors.

The staff

We rely solely on the following for the organization of events
to industry professionals: chefs, service chiefs, waiters, as well as wedding planners, florists, musicians, photographers and lighting designers.
Because of our work together for so many years, we understand each other wonderfully, and we are always very proud to help make your event unforgettable.

Attenzione ai dettagli e servizio impeccabile: ecco cosa significa essere serviti da Eventi&Sapori.

Our Idea

At Eventi & Sapori, we always aim to amaze our clients by creating unique events, taken care of in every detail with masterful professionalism.
All the raw materials we use are km0, and contribute strongly in creating delicious and environmentally conscious dishes.
But the focus on sustainability does not end there: we work 100% plastic free, with great attention to recycling and avoiding waste.

Shall we talk about it?

If you are planning a special event,
request your no-obligation quote and we will talk about it as soon as possible!